The 3 Best Socks For Flat Feet: Reviews & Top Picks

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Flat feet condition is a major challenge to many runners, and non-runners. WebMD describes flat feet as fallen arches.  Many shoes companies have an entire list of shoes specific for flat feet runners. One inexpensive way (in comparison to buying shoes) to help relief the pain and stress is to purchase socks that are specifically deisgned for flat feet.

Here are the socks that I include with links so you can check pricing on Amazon. They come in different styles, colors and shapes.

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RunDry moisture management helps keep feet dry. Targeted zone cushioning in high impact areas for added comfort. Mesh ventilation enhances breathability and comfort

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Understanding The Flat Feet Condition

Before you step out to get the socks that are designed for your flat feet, you need to understand the condition and what causes it. We have already mentioned it earlier that flat feet can lead to difficulty in running and even walking. You can do the simple "wet test" as a way to fully know exactly your foot type. Flat feet runners typically have the low arch.

You should know that flat feet come in two types; the rigid flat feet and the flexible flat feet.

  • The Flexible Flat Feet is a condition where an arch is seen bulging on the foot when you raise it above the ground. However, when weight is placed on the arch, it will flatten.
  • Conversely, the Rigid Flat Foot is when the foot becomes flat due to the structure of the bones, but not exactly the arch tendons.

Among the people who complain to me about a flat feet condition, most of them have a flexible flat foot. Regardless of the type, both conditions will deliver a similar effect to the feet and knees. So how does this happen?

How Does Flat Feet Affect Your Running?

Foot Smart mentions that over-pronation is the main issue that is linked to flat feet. Pronation is where the foot normally rolls at the end of a step as you run or walk. This happens for the foot to absorb impact as you move.

So when the foot rolls in too much beyond the shock absorption point, it is called over-pronation. Here, your ankle joints will extend, which will then make your upper and lower leg bones to rotate inwards. At this point, you’ll experience pain in your knee joints, ankles, lower leg muscles, hips, and even the back area.

The major cause of pain is the over-pronation, and not exactly the flatness of the feet. Actually, I have a friend who has flat feet, and he has never complained of experiencing any problem. Drs. Schrupp & Heineck break down the possibly injuries in the video below.

But Why Do You Have Flat Feet?

Medical News Today cites the major causes of a flat foot, and how each can be handled.

It might seem unfair to professional runners that have flat feet. This actually might be true, because the majority of people that have flat feet develop it naturally as they grow. It is genetic-related for most people, making it impossible to evade their effects. Other than genetics, here are other causes of flat feet;

  • Age. The daily walking and pressure put on the feet can also make one develop a flat foot surface. Here, the arches will gradually drop as the tendons weaken. In the long run, the arch’s natural support will be lost. That is why most of the elderly have flat feet.
  • Foot injuries. If you experience torn or stretched tendons, dislocated or broken bones, you can also end up having flat feet.
  • Health conditions. Specific health conditions like diabetes, obesity, or pregnancy can also make your feet flat.
  • Not wearing shoes/the right shoes. If you are used to wearing open shoes that are flat, the arch will naturally drop and cause your feet to be flat.

Though these conditions vary, they all deliver the same state; a flat foot. The main focus should not be on how you got the flat feet, but rather how you should handle it. I already said that one way to handle this is by getting the right pair of socks for flat feet (and shoes). 

How To Find The Right Socks For Flat Feet


Consider the Padding

The padding is a major factor to keep in mind when you are in search for the right socks for flat feet. The major area of concern should be the arch section. This is the main area where the pain originates from. Ideally, the heels, ball, and the toes should have a dense padding. Conversely, the arch should have a light padding to promote shock absorption.


The Orthodontics/Shoe inserts Design.

You should also consider these factors as you select your socks. Choosing socks with custom-designed Orthodontics will help to enhance the performance of your flat feet. Generally, they help to make your feet work like the normal {non-flat} feet.



Unless you choose socks that fit well on your feet, you will end up experiencing pain and not exactly enjoy the delivery of those socks. Also, well-fitted socks will enhance the comfort as you put them on.



The technology or material used to make the socks will also help to reduce the pain caused by flat feet while enhancing the overall comfort. Some of the technologies used for flat feet socks include the Wick Dry and the Far Infrared Rays technology.

The 3 Best Socks for Flat Feet that Are Actually Worth Buying

The Thorlos Clinically-Tested Padded Socks, CTPS, stands among my favorite socks for flat feet. I personally do have flat feet and I really like these. These socks offer the really good support for your arch as they have helped me to reduce pain when running.

They are been designed with a special padding that enhances the arch support which has helped reduce my pain when running. I have also noticed that my it band is not as tight and my knee pain has almost completely disappeared.

The socks come with a dense-engineered padding under the ball, heels, and toes. Conversely, there is a less-dense padding that goes under the arch to balance the support.

Another great feature of these socks is the in-circling of the arch and instep with spandex. This helps to enhance the supportive feel and fit as it makes the socks firm. You will enjoy how it hugs around your feet. Generally, you will experience less sweating, less pain, and fewer to no blisters with these socks. The socks are available on Amazon.

These are also great socks for women with flat feet. The socks come with curved toe boxes, superior cushioning, as well as narrow heels. With such a design, you can be sure of enjoying your walking, jogging, or running without experiencing pain in your feet. The socks have been made with a Wick Dry technology to keep your feet dry all along.Which can also help prevent blisters from forming.

The comfort is enhanced by a 3D knit that goes all around the socks for a memory fit. You can be sure of enjoying snugly-fitting socks that don’t only enhance the comfort but also reduce pain caused by flat feet.

Keep in mind that these socks can last for long enough, thanks to the Extra Wear Zones, along with a uniquely-formed Lin-toe and toe area. You can get these socks on Amazon .

Fox River Wick Dry Triathlon Quarter 1/4 Crew Sock, White, Large
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Fox River Wick Dry Triathlon Quarter 1/4 Crew Sock, White, Large
  • High-tech socks are light on weight and heavy on performance
  • URfit System provides arch support and memory-knit construction
  • Vented panels remove moisture and keep you dry

Pod Post identifies these amazing socks as a great choice for flat feet. They are designed for women, so you should keep that in mind.

What makes these socks among the best for flat feet is that they feature a band that boosts the arch support. This band goes around the arch so that it supports it perfectly. They have also been designed to hide inside the shoes. With these socks, you can be sure of a stable arch that will prevent over-pronation.

Saucony Women's 6-Pack Performance No Show Socks, Black Assorted, Shoe Size: 5-10
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Saucony Women's 6-Pack Performance No Show Socks, Black Assorted, Shoe Size: 5-10
  • RunDry moisture management helps keep feet dry
  • Targeted zone cushioning in high impact areas for added comfort
  • Mesh ventilation enhances breathability and comfort


Do not let your flat feet keep you from enjoying the sport you love most. Get out and run as regularly as you can with the help of good flat feet socks.

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