Balega vs Feetures – Which are the Better Running Socks ?

Wearing the right socks are a necessity when it comes to sustaining a run. Proper running socks help protect the feet from blisters and fatigue.

They also add extra comfort and stability. Many brand name companies manufacture running socks and include many of their unique features.

This article compares and contrasts two most popular brands of running socks that have made it to many top 10 list of running socks:

Balega No Show Ultralight and Feetures Elite Ultralight No Show.

Balega No Show Ultralight Review:

Balega Ultralight No Show Athletic Running Socks for Men and Women (1 Pair), White/Berry/Aqua, Medium

Balega made the No Show Ultralight with runners in mind as well as comfort. The No Show Ultralight is constructed with reinforcements in the common wear areas: heel and toe areas.

They provide protection without bulk due to the sheer, lightweight design. An embedded band around the ankle and arch serve as extra support in those areas.

The Balega No Show Ultralight has several features:

  • Made with high-tech performance yarns
  • Built-in arch and ankle support
  • Increased comfort and durability through reinforced heel and toe.
  • Prevention of slippage with heel tab.
  • Anatomical pairing with Balega’s left/right design
  • Reduced chafing and discomfort with Balega’s hand linked toe seam
Balega Ultralight No Show Athletic Running Socks for Men and Women (1 Pair), Neon Lime, Large
1,045 Reviews
Balega Ultralight No Show Athletic Running Socks for Men and Women (1 Pair), Neon Lime, Large
  • Balega socks are engineered with the company’s proprietary DryNamix moisture management technology that keeps feet cool and dry while allowing free airflow for maximum comfort, performance and durability
  • Hand crafted, high performance Ultralight No Show running socks are lighter and thinner to provide a true minimalist running feel
  • All of Balega’s running socks have been race tested and incorporate a hand linked seamless toe, eliminating abrasion across the top of the foot
  • The company also knits an extra deep heel pocket ensuring that each sock fits the foot perfectly and does not slide down during a run
  • Designed with a medium volume construction

What are runners saying about the Balega No Show:

Balega No Show running socks made it to the list of best running socks for these following reasons:


  • They are well-padded, and they are not too thin or thick
  • Socks protect feet from blisters
  • They do not slip down while running or engaging in an activity
  • Wicks away sweat
  • The price is about average, but the quality is enormous. 
  • They reduce friction
  • They decrease foot issues


  • They do not fit up to size 14
  • The sizes run a little small
  • Socks tend to catch lint in the dryer
  • They are not really “no show.”

The Balega No Show is an exceptional choice for those who have foot pain issues. Some customers say that these socks are probably not meant for trail running.

Also, the Balega socks are not meant for those with size 14+ feet due to comments of them fitting too small.

Feetures Elite Max No Show Review: 

Feetures Elite Max Cushion No Show Tab Black - Size Medium

Feetures considers this model to be their most technically advanced sock. One of the Elite Max No Show’s attributes is the patented Target Compression, and the purpose of this technology is to provide comfort and support.

Feetures has such a cool, unique background to their brand

Here are other features of the Elite Ultralight No Show:

  • An anatomical design that helps prevent blisters as well as enhances fit
  • Ultralight cushioning and construction takes up little room in the shoe
  • Heel tab designed below the ankle
  • Extra ankle support through the built-in arch support
  • Optimal breathability through the ventilation panels
  • iWick fabrics to keep feet cool and dry
  • No irritating toe seam (The Perfect Toe design)
Elite Max Cushion No Show Tab
Engineered with an anatomical design and Targeted Compression, providing a custom-like fit and reduced risk of blisters, plus Max Cushion for added impact protection.
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What are runners saying about the Feetures Elite Max No Show:

Like Balega, Feetures made it on the list of best running socks of 2018. They do have similarities of the Balega socks, such as they also pad the feet well and highly-durable.

They also do not slip into the shoe and decrease foot pain.

Here are some differences they have that are positive and negative. When it comes to areas to improve,

Feetures have some similarities with Balega. Some of those similarities are sizes run too small and not really no show. Some customers also feel the quality has declined.

Here are some other areas for improvement


  • They are void of seam rub.
  •  They help fight body fatigue


  • They cost more than Balega. (Average price $15 per pair)
  • They are too padded
  • They do not wick away sweat from feet
  • They can cause blisters
  • The feel is too tight, and they are not form fitting

These are a great choice for those who have overpronation issues. Since some customers feel that these socks are too padded, these socks are not meant for those who do not require that much cushioning. It seems these socks are ideal for longer distance runners

Though, customers state that these can cause blisters, and blisters are a common issue among marathoners as well as other runners.

Balega Vs Feetures - So Which is Better?: 

Customers flock to Balega due to a few reasons. One of the reasons is the price.

The average price of a pair of Balega socks is $12, whereas Feetures are priced at $15 per pair.

Feetures is not exactly form fitting because it is made of different types of lycra.

Also, runners complain about soaked feet after long runs, and Feetures state one of the functions of the socks is to wick away sweat. With Balega socks, feet stay dry after long runs

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