Asics Vs Brooks – What Shoe Brand is Better for Running?

Asics Vs Bro​oks


What Shoe Brand is Better for Running?

Foot comfort is the greatest requirement and satisfaction in the world of running.

Various manufacturers in the industry produce different shoes. (Thank you captain obvious). 

With the rise in manufacturers and different brands of running shoes, selecting the right pair of the shoe may be challenging.

Our team of researchers conducted a detailed research for Asics and Brooks running shoes.

In case you are wondering which shoe you should settle for, here are some quality features you should refer to while selecting.

Anecdotally, we break have several articles with in-depth analysis regarding a few of these two brands most popular shoes so that you can see which one makes more sense for you.

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Over the last few years Brooks running shoes have started to close in on Asics running shoes.

Reason being, Brooks offers more stability. Apparently, different shoes work for different people. 

For the longest time Asics was known for stability and interior comfort.

Over time Brooks has really made the interior of their shoes significantly softer than Asics (in my humble opinion).


Compared to the lightweight Asics, Brooks carries the heritage of high durability with a protective running shoe for many runners.

You will find it unresponsive and stiff whereas Asics only provides a decent feel of support. 

Not to discourage you from considering Asics though, because it offers maximum support in the long run.

I tend to get 300-400 miles out of my Asics Gel Nimbus. My Brooks Ghost 9 are closer to 500 miles.


Brooks running shoes provide a comforting, soft and smooth ride to neutral runners while Asics provides a quiet ride coupled with maximum protection from the rugged road for long runs.

Both shoes will offer you great comfort but concentrate on your running time.

Do you do long or short runs?

Depending on your answer to the number of hours you run, you can settle on either Brooks or Asics. 


Both shoes provide maximum cushioning for your feet in that; Brooks and Asics feature mesh with no-sew overlays for complete structure and support to your toes.

The Asics shoes are coupled with fluid- fit in on the upper interior to anchor your foot in place while Brooks has 3D compatible overlays printed on the top interior to provide complete structure and support to your toes just like in Asics.

Overall both have are VERY comfortable to run in. 


Although both Brooks and Asics provide good support behind the heel, Asics has robust heel counter to firmly lock your heel down and anchor it in place as your sport.

Also, its midsole is coupled with sturdiness to offer you maximum cushioning. 

Compared to Asics, Brooks has great midsole cushioning with additional super DNA to protect your feet from the rugged terrains you may encounter as you run.


According to the shoe tests lab report finding; Asics is cushier that Brooks in the forefoot and the heels with the difference being greater by approximately twenty percent.

Meaning if you prefer a relatively soft ride, the Asics will be a better choice compared to Brooks.

However, this does not mean that Brooks running shoes will not offer you a smooth ride because like we earlier said, Brooks equally provide your feet excellent cushioning.

Rubber Outsole

The exterior of you running shoes must be of significant consideration given that running involves a lot of terrains from smooth to rough transition.

The rubber outsoles of Asics and Brooks differ in a couple of ways; Asics has primary traditional outer soles with a rift of separation between the rear foot and forefoot whereas

Brooks has an outer sole that offers full anchor contact throughout your sporting activities.

You can, therefore, expect to receive more of a smoother transition from heel strike to toe-off when you wear Brooks compared to your sporting events in Asics.

But remember, both outsoles have great horizontal flex grooves to assist in the flexibility of the shoes.

The shoes are stiff for women and at the same time they provide an equal amount of stiffness and flexibility.

Pricing and Affordability

Well, some Asics is easier on the wallet than others, Whereas, looking at the Brooks website you can find a wide price-range too.

Sometimes the even have specials not found anywhere else.  

If you have the money, go for Brooks but if you are looking for a great value, consider purchasing Asics. Both shoes work well for beginners and long distance runners.


Well both Brooks and Asics fit well, I switched from Asics to Brooks and will never go back and others have done the opposite. It's all personal preference.   

Besides, Brooks offer her more stability compared to Asics. At the end of the day Brooks fit more comfortably to me.


If you are shopping for a supportive racing shoe with a relatively light weight and can offer you a smooth and soft ride, Brooks running shoes could be what you are looking for. Amazon or their website are the best places to find the widest selection. 

On the other hand, if you are looking for maximum cushioning while you run above anything else, coupled with excellent protection from the rough roads when enjoying your long runs, settle for Asics.

The running shoe’s weight depends on its size.

So based on your preference and shoe size, select the right running shoe for yourself carefully considering comfort and cushioning for your feet.

Both Brooks and Asics offer stability and cushioning for high and long runs, but the difference comes in when a runner has to settle for what works for the feet.