Most Popular 5K Training Plans

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Across the world, the 5K is the first distance race that runners try. The 5K is 5,000 meters or 3.1 miles in distance. Most 5K participants relish the opportunity to receive a race t-shirt, but more importantly they are introduced to the excitement of running a race and the race day atmosphere. Below we share six different training plans for different levels of 5-K participants.

Below we detail the six different 5K training plans starting with the Walkers plan. The Walker's Plan and our Couch to 5K are perfect for those who are just getting started. These beginner 5K training plans have a good mix of challenge and recovery. The Fun Run & Bridge Run 5K training programs have started to gain popularity over the last few years and are extremely popular for those who are just getting started running but are running a different style of a 5-K. For runners who have several races under their belt, the intermediate and advanced plans are tuned for runners looking to break a specific time threshold or smash a PR.


Why This Plan:


This training program is specific to those who want to walk a 5K. If your interest is to stroll a 5K at a comfortable pace this training plan will give you guidance. If you are just starting to get into running and want to start off slow, this would also be a great training plan for you


Why This Plan:

This is a beginners 5K training program. It's called the Novice Training Plan for 5K because of the simplicity and flexibility for anyone to start this plan and finish a 5K. Novice Training Plans are extremely popular. Loaded with easy to follow steps and reasonable expectations. It is FUN to all participants.

Intermediate 5k Training Plan

Why This Plan:

If you have multiple 5K races on your resume but you are looking to improve your time or break a Personal Record (PR). This training program is slightly more challenging than the Couch to 5K but not as difficult as the Advanced Plan.


Why This Plan:

You are a 5K veteran. You have been running for years and have many races under your belt. This advanced training plan is designed to help you reach maximum performance. This will challenge you run as fast as you possibly can.

Four tips you need to know before getting started

  • Have Fun! Training for a 5K should be enjoyable
  • Stay Hydrated. During any training program drink lots of fluids
  • If you are just beginning, don't focus on time, focus on how you feel.
  • Consult your Medical Care Provider to make sure you are in tip top shape before beginning a training plan. Train for a 5K is not responsible if you get hurt.

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